''Prayer moves the hand that moves the world.''
~Charles H. Spurgeon


We invite you to join us in prayer as we advance our mission of spreading the Gospel in the MENA region. Your prayers are an invaluable source of support and encouragement for our staff, volunteers, and the communities we serve.

Prayer List:
  1. Pray for our dedicated staff and volunteers to be strengthened, encouraged, and equipped with wisdom as they serve wholeheartedly.

  2. Lift up our beloved country, Lebanon, which is currently facing an unprecedented economic crisis. Pray for divine intervention, healing, and restoration. 

  3. Pray for the children and families we serve that the seed of faith may be planted in their hearts. Pray for spiritual growth, emotional healing, and the manifestation of God's love in their lives.

  4. Pray for our digital outreach efforts that the messages we share online may reach and touch the hearts of those in need. 

  5. Lift up our ministry's leadership so that the Holy Spirit may guide them in making wise decisions and discerning God's will.

  6. Pray for financial provision and resources so that we may continue to expand our reach and serve more people. 

  7. Finally, pray for unity, love, and harmony within our organization. Pray that we reflect Christ's love in all our interactions and relationships, both internally and externally.